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Vista Instructions

The new Windows Vista operating system works very differently than previous versions of Windows but will run any Horus Development program (Li'l Red Notebook, The SUM Program, MT Fundamentals & Practice, etc.) if you "tell" Vista to recognize the software as if it were in Windows XP. 

Below are step-by-step instructions for making this setting in Vista. I have used Li'l Red Notebook as the example, but you will follow these same instructions for all our programs--just substitute the name of the program you are installing in Vista. For example, for The SUM Program, you would substitute the name of that program folder in place of Red Notebook. The SUM Program folders are called BMT for Beginning Medical Transcription, STU for Surgery Transcription Unit, etc. If you are installing MT Fundamentals and Practice, substitute MTFP for the name of the program folder.

  • Click on Start (lower left corner of the Vista desktop).
  • Click on your C drive (your primary hard drive).
  • Click on Program Files.
  • Click on the folder for Red Notebook.
  • Right click on the LRN program, called rednotebook.exe (it will say Application as the file type, if you can't see the "exe" part of the file name).
  • Choose Properties from the right click menu.
  • Click the tab that says Compatibility.
  • Choose Windows XP from the drop-down menu on that screen.
  • Check the box that says "Run this program as an administrator." 
  • Click OK.

Here is an illustration showing the Properties in Vista for Li'l Red Notebook.


If you have difficulty getting your program to run in Vista and want to be walked through these instructions on the phone, just click Help Request at the menu on the left and let us know that you'd like help by phone.   Be sure to include your phone number and your time zone, as well as the best times for us to try to reach you.

Note that the Help file for previous versions of Windows is not readable in Vista. Click here for assistance.


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