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To try Li'l Red Notebook free for 30 days, click one of the links below. This is the full version of the program.

Download site #1

The best method is to right click on one of the links and choose Save Target As or Save Link As, and then select your Desktop as the location for the downloaded file. Allow this installation file to download to your PC, then double click it to install Li'l Red Notebook. For help with downloading or installing the program, click FAQs.

About Li'l Red Notebook upgrades: If you purchased an earlier version of Li'l Red Notebook (prior to 2.0) or you are using Li'l Red Notebook Lite (available from some schools and publishers), download the full version above and install it to the same directory as your original installation. Any word lists you already have will be retained.

About reinstalling Li'l Red Notebook:  If you need to move Li'l Red Notebook to a new computer, just download it again from this page and use your original registration code. If you have misplaced your registration code, click Contact Us to request a replacement.  You do not need to repurchase it (not unless you want to give a copy to a friend as a gift--it makes a great holiday present!).

To buy Li'l Red Notebook now: If you have already downloaded Li'l Red Notebook, love it, and want to buy it, click here. You can use a credit card to make your purchase online, order by telephone or fax, or make your payment by check. Please try Li'l Red Notebook before you buy. If you have questions about how it works during the 30-day free trial, drop us an e-mail and we'll be happy to help.

Free word lists for Li'l Red Notebook to get you started:   Right click on a link below and choose Save Target As or Save Link As to copy it to your PC.  Then import the file into Li'l Red Notebook using the instructions in the Help file in the program. If you have word lists to share, click Contact Us and we'll make arrangements to post them on our site.

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