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Unlocking Medical TerminologyUnlocking Medical Terminology by Bruce Wingerd, published by Prentice Hall, includes a companion CD designed by Horus Development. This educational CD features multiple interactive learning games and creative exercises, like Cognition, a memory game, Beat the Clock, and Racing Pulse. In the Racing Pulse game, your pulse point "beats" as it races around the circulatory system each time you answer a question correctly. Windows and Mac.


The SUM Program Beginning Medical Transcription
The SUM Program for Medical Transcription Training
is the CD version of a respected authentic-dictation medical transcription training program. Horus Development ported the audio files to an encrypted format on CD and then developed a proprietary wav player and word processing program that features electronic references, medical spell checker, split-screen proofreading, passworded transcript key access, random practice feature, plus additional features available for the MT classroom, such as password-access test dictations.  Windows only. A network version is available. The SUM Program Surgery Transcription Unit

The SUM Program CD line includes Beginning Medical Transcription (Classic), Advanced Medical Transcription, the Surgery Transcription Unit, and the new 2nd edition of Beginning Medical Transcription.

Screen shots and a detailed description of these products are available on the Web site of Health Professions Institute.



Phlebotomy Handbook: Blood Collection EssentialsPhlebotomy Handbook: Blood Collection Essentials, 7th ed., by Garza/Becan-McBride, published by Prentice Hall, includes a companion CD created by Horus Development. This educational CD features multiple interactive learning games and creative exercises, like Target Shoot and Strikeout. In Strikeout, you match a definition with a medical term by guessing its letters. Three wrong guesses and you Strikeout! Windows and Mac.



Medical Terminology: A Living LanguageThe companion CD for the new Medical Terminology: A Living Language, by Fremgen/Frucht, published by Prentice Hall, contains a wide array of interactive Flash games, animations, videos, and an audio glossary, created by Horus Development.  A custom flashcard generator is also available, allowing students to select glossary terms and printout flashcards for any and all terms for study. Windows and Mac.



Medical Terminology with Human Anatomy

The companion CD for the new Medical Terminology with Human Anatomy, 5th ed., by Jane Rice, published by Prentice Hall, contains a dozen different interactive Flash exercises, including a medical terminology foreign language translator, created by Horus Development.



The Terminology of Health and MedicineThe Terminology of Health and Medicine, 2nd ed., by Jane Rice, published by Prentice Hall, includes an educational CD created by Horus Development. This educational CD includes an assortment of interactive learning activities, audio glossary, printable flashcards, and more. In the word building activity, students drag word parts into position to form a medical term. Windows only.



Medical Transcription InteractiveMedical Transcription Interactive is the CD that accompanies Prentice Hall's popular medical transcription textbook, Medical Transcription Fundamentals and Practice.  The MT Interactive CD is an authentic-dictation training program that includes a built-in word processor, wav player, electronic references, medical spell checker, split-screen proofreading with accuracy score calculator, passworded transcript key access, random practice feature, productivity tools, typing test, and an assortment of classroom features, including a certificate printer. Windows only. A network version is available.


Current Medical Terminology, 7th ed.Current Medical Terminology, 7th, ed., is the CD version of the best-selling medical transcription glossary of the same name, now called Vera Pyle's Current Medical Terminology. A key feature of this program was the phonetic or "sounds like" search and readings of favorite essays by the late author, Vera Pyle. This CD is no longer in print, but the book has since been released in a new edition. Visit Health Professions Institute for more information.


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