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Li'l Red Notebook

Li'l Red Notebook is a word list management tool that replaces the traditional MT notebook--the one you entrust with those words and phrases you just can't find anywhere else. With Li'l Red Notebook, you can toss your 3-ring binder and get rid of all those sticky notes and cheat sheets plastering your workstation walls.

Li'l Red Notebook is easier to use than a spreadsheet or database program, it takes minimal system resources, and it was designed by an MT for MTs with features that make your life easier. It works alongside any word processing program, including DOS programs running under Windows.

Li'l Red Notebook Screen ShotThis screen shot is the default program window, although you can make it larger or smaller if you like. Set it to "Stay on Top" mode and it will remain visible even while you are working in your word processing program or you can toggle it visible or invisible by pressing Ctrl+F12 or other selectable hot key.

LRN holds an unlimited number of entries, single words or phrases, up to 3000 characters each in up to 200 tabbed lists that you can name.

Entries are alphabetized automatically, saving you countless hours of effort and frustration.  

LRN is searchable with the standard Windows Find feature (Ctrl+F) or just type the first letter(s) of the entry you want, and your cursor will jump right to it.

Cut and paste directly from LRN into your document (or from your document to LRN).

No need to use your mouse. Hot keys let you move in and out of LRN with your fingers on the keyboard, increasing your productivity!

You can import, export, backup, & print your lists so that you can keep them safe or share resources with friends, co-workers, or employees.

Organize any type of list YOU want:

  • words and phrases by medical specialty
  • drug lists
  • terms used by specific dictators or accounts
  • alpha or numeric staff lists
  • names and addresses of referring facilities
  • all the cities in a particular state
  • patient lists
  • terms that don't appear in any other reference
  • terms that are hard to find!
  • study lists organized by chapter or specialty
  • abbreviations
  • grammar and punctuation rules
  • ...and more!


We want you to try Li'l Red Notebook before you buy it. Download it now and use it 30 days for free.  Then, if you like it, pay just $18.50 to purchase Li'l Red Notebook and receive your permanent registration code. Registered owners get full product support and free updates.

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To learn more about how to use Li'l Red Notebook, check out the Tips and Tricks entry on the FAQs page.

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